Band Leader


I started playing “professionally” (as in, for money) when I was 15 years old, and if I remember correctly, my first paying gig paid $75. That was in 1967.

I have had the incredible good fortune to work with musicians like Oscar Peterson and Pat Metheny, play in the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, the Ray Charles Orchestra, the Joe Morello Quartet and perform with the likes of Clark Terry, Sheila Jordan, and so many more amazing musicians.

I feel blessed to have a life that has been, and continues to be filled with teaching and playing jazz, performing in concert halls and private homes for events ranging from weddings to funerals, birthday parties, anniversaries, jam sessions and any situation that would be uplifted by the energy of live music. And I am also lucky to be able to play music with my dearest friends and continue to meet new musicians with whom new musical connections can be made.

Playing music with others fosters community, opens people’s hearts and brings joy into the lives of all who are touched by its vibrations.

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